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Introducing Hex Tiles: Unfolded’s Next-Generation Tiling System

Large-scale spatial data prepped and ready for analytics in minutes.

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Leading brands use Foursquare

Harness the power of location data

Products for Analysts


Access global POI data and rich contextual attributes.


Make business decisions based on consumers’ real world behavior.

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Products for Developers

Pilgrim SDK

Build powerful location-aware app experiences.


Access global POI data and rich contextual attributes.


Visualize and analyze geospatial data on a planetary scale.

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Products for Marketers

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Measure incremental impact of ad exposure to store visits.


Target customers using real-time location.


Reach customers based on their real-world behavior.

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Leading location technology platform


Snap people to places with precision. 14B+ human-verified check-ins power a self-refreshing map, with 2.4M+ ground truth signals each month.


Understand 100M+ points of interst across 1100+ venue categories. 9B+ visits monthly from 500M unique devices provide the reach you need.


Use location data in the way you want it. Foursquare has 400+ integrated partners that offer easy access to data.


Avoid use case restrictions and predatory pricing. Location is our sole focus and you can use our data in walled gardens, or not.

Privacy First

Privacy-protecting features give consumers transparency and control over their data, with opt-in consent and easy opt-out. Partner audits ensure accountability.

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Introducing “Nearby Places”: A Seamless Location Matching Function Within FSQ/Places API

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Improving Business Analytics With High Fidelity Mobility Data

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